Washington, DC Based Artist

Portraits | Murals | Live Painting


Who is Nekol?


Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has been an outlet for me since childhood to release my feelings and emotions. Growing up, I have always been an “observer”. My household was full of conflict, pain and poverty. I was the quiet kid who watched people to learn about who they are and hoped to discover their “Why”.  I always found myself creating things and discovered that I had artistic talent and a love for the field of art. I attended Suitland High School for Visual and Performing Arts where I received the foundation of my formal training in photography, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. I also received an AFA from The School of Art and Design at Montgomery College where I was able to further my art education. 


Why I Create?

 With a focus on portraits,  I create inspiring  images to tell the stories of people who have made remarkable contributions to society through vivid colors, shapes and texture. I love to focus on those who have inspired me and have made an impact on my life. Those who have”rags to riches” stories inspire me the most as they give me hope that I can succeed in life as they have. I know this goes for many others in my community and creating these portraits provide motivation to myself, my viewers and my collectors.